1. The originality of every product
At first, the products of ‘Gom Chi’will strike you as imperfect in terms of shape and proportion. However, those flaws will not make you uncomfortable when looking at; on the other hand, they are what capture your imagination, making you look closer and longer for details until you fall in love with those simple yet distinguished pieces of ceramics.
This originality is also expressed in the way how every product of ‘Gom Chi’ is different even if they are in the same category. That is because they are entirely hand-made products which deliver the spirit and the emotions of the artist himself. Just imagine how amazing it will be if you know that you possesses something that is like no others– as if the artist designs that exclusively for you with all the heart and mind.

2. Rustic and elegant
With warm and earthy colors, the products of ‘Gom Chi’ will give you a rustic feel that cannot be mistaken with any other kinds of ceramics. It might not catch your attention at first sight, but if you look at them longer, you will be deeply drawn to that vintage, elegant and traditional look.
It will provoke all beautiful memories in your mind, and as long as you drop by the store at 43 Van Kiep, you will find yourself in a different mental state – a state of slowly living in a fast-moving and hectic life

3. The abstract style of decorating ceramics and the sophistication of glazing
The products of ‘Gom Chi’ are original in both the glazing material and the glazing method. To be more detailed, the artists from ‘Gom Chi’ will not assembly glaze the biscuit but he will do it manually one by one, ranging from the big ones like flower vases to small ones such as tea cups.

Moreover, most of contemporary ceramic products share the same style of decorating because it is the realistic style which illustrates  real things and landscapes on the ceramics. This is different with ‘Gom Chi’ whose products are decorated free-style and without real-life shapes and images. They are not making a product, they are transferring their feelings and emotions through the way they draw details and create those decorative elements
The spririt in every product of ‘Gom Chi’ is the spririt of a history, of the past and of individual traits. That’s why artist Cao Trong Thiem – the Head of Vietnam Fine Arts Museum said ‘ ‘Gom Chi’ has its own voice in the history of Vietnam traditional ceramics, making great contribution to the process of restoring and preserving traditional handicraft villages of Viet Nam’